Everything that is appreciated by barbecue professionals
Free of harmful substances and dust
When making charcoal, only birch wood is used. Birch burning does not cause foreign odors.
High roasting temperature
Northern birch has a high density, which provides good heat.
Certified raw materials
All our raw materials of legal origin and registered in the state system of accounting of wood of forest USAIS
Sorted coal
All products pass through the sorting line before packing. Only large pieces of high-quality coal get into the package, without garbage and dust.
Our product
Under our brand BBQLOGY we produce high quality birch charcoal for barbecue with different packaging
birch charcoal
Packing options:
3 kg
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5 kg
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10 kg
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Other packaging options
In addition to the standard packaging BBQLOGY, we can pack our coal in Kraft bags without design at your request. We can also pack the charcoal in bags with the customer's design.
packaging with your design
packaging without registration
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About the company
Manufacturing process
Birch wood undergoes a natural drying process in a stack. Then it is sent to the wood-cleaving line and enters the pyrolysis furnace. The resulting coal is subjected to a process of cooling and oxygen saturation. At the final stage, the product is sorted and packed on an electronic scale.
  1. Drying wood in a stack
  2. Wood- cleaving line
  3. Pyrolysis furnace
  4. Cooling and oxygen saturation
  5. Sorting and packing
Facts about us:
  • Experience in charcoal production and export deliveries since 2016
  • Awarded a diploma of the regional competition Exporter of the Year 2020 in the field of industry.
  • High automation and mechanization of production.
    We produce on equipment of our own design.
    All main process equipment is developed by the company's engineers.
  • Quality control at all stages of production from raw materials to finished products.
  • By buying low-grade timber from loggers, we help keep the forest clean and contribute to a more economical use of forest resources.
    Legal origin of raw materials.
    All raw materials are registered in the state timber accounting system LesEGAIS(RU abbr. - The Unified State Automated Information System for Timber Accounting and Transactions)
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г. Нижний Новгород, ул. Белинского 64
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